Six Thrifty Tips on Toiletries


Toiletries are a necessity! When you think about how many different products you need for different purposes, it can be a little overwhelming. If you would like to know about some thrifty tips on where to save with your toiletries, read on!

1. Make Do With What You Have

I highly suggest having a clean out of your toiletries cupboards around the house. I did this recently and found so many toiletries that my family and I hadn’t finished. They were just lying around, not being used. Instead of needing to buy more, I’m still using up what I had left!

2. Go To The Dollar Store

The dollar store has such a vast selection of toiletries! But they’re also at such a reasonable price. I find myself going to these sorts of stores first to check out the kinds of products they have and end up stocking up.

3. Save By Making Your Own

One of my favorite hobbies is making my own toiletries. I love making soaps especially! But with a lot of items that you already have in your kitchen cupboard you can make shampoo, laundry detergent and skincare products.

4. Share With The Household

An extremely smart and thrifty way to save money on toiletries is by sharing with the entire household. I know some of you mightn’t like the same products as other family members, but sharing is an extremely good way to save spending money on four different types of body wash or lotion.

5. Start Collecting Samples

Collecting samples is a great way to save having to spend any unnecessary money on toiletries. You also get to try different products that you perhaps wouldn’t have before. Another great tip to take note of is if you’re travelling to hotels. Take their toiletries home, as they’re a great size and great quality.

6. Opt for Cheaper Brands

This is an obvious tip, but a great one at that! A lot of the more expensive brands use the same ingredients as the cheaper ones. Typically the money you’re spending on the products is for the extravagant packaging, not necessarily the contents inside.

Good luck saving money on your toiletries shopping!