3 Indoor Budget Entertainment Ideas

Indoor Entertainment Ideas

When saving money you might immediately think that you’re social life is going to become nonexistent. A great idea is to look at what you have on offer around your household as a form of entertainment. Just because you’re on a budget, doesn’t mean that you cannot have any fun! Read on for some thrifty tips for being entertained inside, whilst still saving money.

Have a Get-Together Dinner at Yours

I love hosting dinners at mine with my closest friends in attendance. Instead of providing for the whole night by yourself, why don’t you ask those who are coming along to bring their own dish to share? When someone brings a certain part of the dinner whether it is snacks, entrée, main, dessert or drinks, you’ll end up saving a lot of money, rather than providing the entirety yourself! If a cocktail evening is more up your alley, think along the same lines. Everyone can bring a different ingredient, contributing to the night. For me, these nights tend to produce some of my most treasured and favorite memories, everyone having the time of their life.

Thrifty Games or DVD Nights

Have you ever thought about having a games night or movie night at yours, in replace of going to the cinemas or theme parks? I do this occasionally and it is really fun! If you’re into the video games, invite your friends around that can provide the games and consoles. If you’re into normal board games like I am, I’m sure amongst your friends you’ll collectively have an impressive selection that will make your night enjoyable. What about a movie night? By hosting a movie night at yours, inviting people around with DVDs you don’t have and popcorn and snacks they can provide, will be a fun night for all!

Save your Cash by Sharing Hobbies!

Something I enjoy doing on a Saturday is going to a book club session at one of my friend’s houses. It is a great source of entertainment, reading a set text amongst friends and getting together and discussing it. Another great hobby to be entertained on a budget is by getting involved in a craft of choice. Think knitting, quilting, crocheting, or painting. I often do this on a rainy day with my kids, as it is a cheap way to entertain them, whilst staying out of the miserable weather. You’ll find some odd pieces around the house that you can use, as well as heading to the dollar store for budget craft items.