How to stop letting your friends break your budget!

How to stop letting your friends break your budget!

When you’re trying to save money, one of the most expensive things that you might have to cut out of your budget is spending too much on socializing. This can mean that your friends might start to exclude you from their plans. You want to save or pay off debt, but you don’t want to be a hermit either. So what’s a girl to do?

Here is how to stop letting your friends break your budget, stay frugal and keep your social life.

Be honest about your situation

Real friends will be supportive about your decision to save money. When you tell them, they might be relieved! They may be spending too much on socializing and even join you in your efforts to be frugal. Be upfront about your circumstances and real friends will stick by you anyway.

Be the one to suggest activities

Before they can ask you out to a fancy restaurant, movies or coffee, get in first and ask them to do something. Activities like picnics, hikes or free gigs are always winners when you’re trying to find something fun to do. Instead of going to a restaurant, offer to have a dinner party at your place and rotate who holds it every week.

Spend less when you do go out

If you’d like to keep up doing some of your regular activities with your friends, find ways to enjoy them while spending less. If you often go out for brunch, just order a coffee instead and have breakfast and a snack before you leave for the café. See a movie on cheap nights or eat an entrée instead of a main at restaurants.

What are your favourite frugal activities to do with your friends?