How to save big at the dollar store without compromising on quality

Save money at the dollar store


Set aside your pre-conceived ideas of who shops at dollar stores and why and read this article on how you can make significant savings without compromising on quality by making certain purchases at dollar stores.

Obviously not everything is just one dollar at a dollar store, however, many products are up to 70% cheaper than the supermarkets and drugstores.

Get ready to save many dollars at the dollar store by using our handy guide on the best products to purchase:

How to save on cleaning products

You will find both brand name and non-brand name cleaning product at dollar stores. The good news is they are both significantly cheaper than you can in the supermarket. If you look closely, most of the ingredients are the same! The end result is your household cleaning will not be compromised by purchasing the cheaper versions cleaning sprays, and washing up liquids.

Bargains for greeting cards and gift wrap

So you spend a long time looking for a thoughtful gift in the $20 price range for a someone, then you spend 25% – 50% more just on a piece of cardboard to simply say something arbitrary like “Happy Birthday” only for it to be thrown away in a few days. You are literally throwing money away in the case of branded greeting cards like Hallmark when you could be adding those dollars to a better gift. The quality of gift cards is comparable in quality and artwork as the leading brands at a fraction of the price in a dollar store – often just $1 or less as well!

A large variety of good quality gift wraps, gift bags, ribbons and gift packaging can be found at a fraction of the price at the dollar store – good news the quality of these products are on par with the big supermarket supplies.

Save money on scrapbooking and art supplies

Paper, stickers, binders, paints, brushes are just of the supplies you will find in a dollar store at a fraction of the cost of those from the arts and crafts store.

Dollar store savings on kitchen tools & containers

Kitchen gadgets and baking utensils can cost a lot of money, never fear though, the dollar store has loads of kitchen products that are inexpensive. Consider purchasing such kitchen and baking tools such as spatulas, wooden spoons, baking tins, egg times, eggcups, measuring cups and graters at the one dollar store and save yourself lots of money!

From plastic food containers and glass jars to bins and fabric lined baskets, there are an array of food storage and container style options to finding up to 70% less the cost than other stores.

Books and school supplies savings

There is a large variety of children’s books that range from colouring-in books to big picture books and art paper books that will keep kids busy throughout the year.

Cheap but good quality school supplies at the dollar store. Consider purchasing pencils, pencil cases, erasers, markers, lined paper, textbook covers, folders and organizers all at the dollar store to save yourself money!

Save on party and picnic supplies

The dollar store is a great place to find kids parties and picnic of cookout supplies. Decorations, candles, party bags and all paper and plastic plates, cups, napkins and cutlery are available at a fraction of the price compared to the big stores.

Beauty bargains – haircare and bath products

According to Consumer Reports, the expensive shampoo does not improve hair any better than cheaper shampoos! The only real difference found has been more expensive shampoos smell richer than cheap brands. Save your money without compromising your hair by purchasing shampoo from your dollar store

Think bubble bath goods and a great place to get gifts for teens and preteens who like to products such as scented soaps, bath oils, fun and colourful bath sponges and body products such as powders and lotions.