How to Grow Your Own Vegetable Garden and SAVE Money


One of the best ways to save money on food is to grow your own. That’s why having your own vegetable garden at home is one of the best things you can do for your wallet! And why stop there? You can also apply the following tips to growing your own fruit and herbs, too! Here’s how to get started on growing your own vegetable, fruit or herb garden!

Choose a spot for your vegetable garden

The first decision you have to make is deciding where your home grown garden will sit! Do you have a space in your backyard that gets sunlight most of the year, and is easily accessible by hose or watering can? Then you’ve got your spot! All you need to do now is start clearing that area of weeds, grass and large stones. Prepare the ground by using a spade to dig out the roots of weeds and break up the clumps of dirt. If you have it, mix in some manure or compost.

What if you don’t have space?

If there’s no room on the ground for you to create your own vegetable patch, all you need to do is install a raised bed. These are just frames that you can fill with soil and whatever vegetables, fruit or herbs that you want to grow. These are a great option if you have little or no room for a proper garden. You’ll just need to consider which plants will be suitable (stick to shallow rooting plants like leafy vegetables and strawberries) and remember to have proper drainage on the bottom of the raised bed.

Plant your vegetables

The next step? Simply to plant your vegetables! For the best selection of plants and seedlings, head to your nearest home and hardware store – I know the one near my house has a huge range. When you get home and start planting, remember to leave ample space between each plant. If you bought seedlings, follow the instructions on the packet. Don’t forget to water your plants and make sure they get enough sunlight.

The only thing to do now is wait for your plants to grow into a beautiful edible garden! Who says money doesn’t grow on trees?