Dinner Parties on a Budget

Budget Dinner Party

Hosting dinner parties is one of my favorite past times! So I’ve learnt along the way, a few tips and tricks on how to be super thrifty when it comes to cooking, and entertaining a group of people. If you’re like me and want to save some dollars here and there, read on below to find out my four must-dos to have a dinner party on a budget.

Write a Shopping List

A shopping list is the first thing you need to write down once you’ve decided to host a dinner party. I cannot emphasize enough how important this is for preparation. With this list, in conjunction with the two next tips, you can go to the supermarket and purchase only the items that you truly need. You won’t be going out on a whim and buying nonsense that you do not need, sticking to putting your money towards goods for the night.

Write a Guest List

Having a guest list is a good preparation tool too. By writing down all the names of the people you are inviting around, you will then be able to gauge how much food and drink you will need.

Create a Budget

From the shopping list and guest list that you have created, you will then be able to figure out a budget for your dinner party. By being really detailed with the above two lists, you can figure out a set amount for each item/ ingredient/ food/ beverages that you will require for the night. Another handy hint when you’re in the supermarket is to opt for the cheaper brand, as their quality is just as good as the expensive brand.

Affordable Menu Options

Pasta is a great dish that I almost always make when having a dinner party at mine. There are so many pasta variations that taste great and are inexpensive to make. And really, who doesn’t love pasta? Also, dessert too! I am known for my delicious desserts and I promise that they’re cheap and easy to prepare. You wont be blowing your budget by having a nice dessert at the end of the meal to top off a great evening.

By following these four tips, your next dinner party will be awesome and won’t hit you in the hip pocket!