7 Awesome Saving Tips for Burger King

Burger King has been an American institution for over 60 years, and I love treating myself to their classic Whopper burger, some fries and a soda or milkshake every once in a while. Not to mention, Burger King is well priced, so it’s very easy on the wallet!

If you’re interested in saving money at Burger King, be sure to take advantage of our tips for saving money below.

BK Saving Tips

Download the free Burger King app

Burger King differs from a lot of other fast food chains in that it offers exclusive free coupons for customers who use their Burger King app. This is an amazing way to save big if you go to Burger King often and have an Apple or Android phone.

Share your BKExperience

Burger King are after your feedback, to improve their customer service they would like you to complete their simple survey. Follow our 5 tips to complete www.mybkexperience.com Survey.

You’re never too old for a kids meal

There are no rules about who can order a kids meal. If you aren’t too hungry, save yourself some cash and order a kids meal. You can even swap out the toy for a free dessert (ice cream or a cookie). Win win for sweet tooths!

Order from the King Savers menu

Burger King has a value menu called the ‘King Savers’ menu, which offers great menu items for only a dollar. Just a few of the items include a cheeseburger, chicken burger, chicken nuggets, fries, a sundae, a drink, as well as seasonal items. It’s so easy to fill up on a couple of things from the King Savers menu instead of paying more for a regular meal.

Get fresher sandwiches

Do you find that your sandwiches are never fresh enough because they’ve been sitting on the warming tray? It’s an easy fix. You can simply ask for your sandwich to be made fresh, or if you want it made a particular way, go one step further and customize your sandwich however you like (like adding or removing pickles or adding extra sauce). This guarantees it will be made fresh to order.

Check your receipt for coupons

When you make a purchase at Burger King, save yourself some cash off your next order by checking the back of your receipt. You can usually find that you can receive some popular items, like the Whopper, for free. You can use it on a separate order while you’re still in store, or keep it in your purse for the next time you’re at Burger King.

Don’t choose between fries and onion rings

If you can never pick between a side of fries or onion rings, now you don’t have to! Without any extra charge, you can simply ask the server for one container that is half filled with fries and half filled with onion rings. Make sure to get some dipping sauce on the side!

Do you have any hacks for saving money at Burger King? Tell us your favourite ways to spend less at Burger King in the comments below!