3 Easy Tips for Saving Cash at KFC

Delicious KFC Chicken

You know what they say about KFC – it’s finger lickin’ good! But the fried chicken isn’t the only thing that I love about eating at KFC. When you feel like treating yourself, it is also a frugal way to feed the whole family without sacrificing on taste. Now that’s a company I can get behind!

At 5 Star Saver, you know that we are always looking for ways to make our dollar go further. That’s why we’re giving you our three favourite tips for saving even more money at KFC. Check them out below.

Stick to the combo deals

Like many fast food chains, KFC actually makes it very easy for you to save money on food if you know what to order. That’s where their combo meals come in. The KFC combo meals allow you to save a few dollars while getting a great meal complete with fries, drink, dessert and – of course – KFC’s finger lickin’ fried chicken. They have their staple combo meals, but they also have special offers available periodically. These special combo meals might come with a special dessert or even some free KFC saving coupons, so keep an eye out for them!

Follow KFC social media accounts

KFC is one fast food company that likes to run promotions on their social media accounts to help them grow followers. The benefit for you is that these promotions allow you to have access to great offers and savings at KFC. If you want to get extra opportunities to save, be sure to follow their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. They often run promotions and contests and offer discounts in-store for their followers on these platforms.

Use KFC coupons

KFC has plenty of opportunities for you to save even further on their food by offering you coupons at every turn. You can save big on food at KFC if you simply know where to look for their coupons! If you buy food at KFC, check your bags and receipts for savings coupons. You can also find coupons with some great offers by searching through your local paper or going online to visit coupon websites.

You can have your chicken and eat it too with these easy savings tips for KFC! Do you have any handy hints for saving money at KFC? Leave them in the comments below!