The Ultimate Survival Guide for Working Moms

How to be a working mom

Let’s face it: Being a working mom can be difficult at the best of times. As well as having to deal with the kids and domestic duties while you’re at home, navigating workplace politics when you have children is tough. To help you, we’ve come up with some top tips for dealing with differing life demands – our ultimate survival guide for working moms.

Accept that you need to be flexible

When you’re a parent, going to work isn’t as easy as going into the office at 9 and leaving at 5. Your kids can get sick, there are school assemblies, parent-teacher evenings, and a whole host of other things that come with being a parent – not to mention, school usually finishes around 3! Therefore, you need to work somewhere that will allow you flexibility with your hours. You won’t be able to maintain your health, happiness and productivity at a job that can’t accommodate your hours. If you’re returning to the workforce, start by searching for jobs with part-time hours.

Respect your boss

From the get-go, you should aim to build a relationship with your boss that is built on mutual respect. Always be professional and respectful in the workplace. Have an honest conversation with your boss about your working requirements. And remember, if you can show your boss that you can successfully manage your workload with your flexible hours, that will help to build up the trust you need to maintain your lifestyle as a working mom.

Make use of your new experiences

Your new organisational and prioritising skills you’ve picked up since becoming a parent haven’t been in vain. These are highly sought-after skills in the workplace. Plus, you won’t be procrastinating at work with such a tight deadline for getting home! Your new life experiences are highly valuable assets. In job interviews, outline this to your potential employers.

Don’t beat yourself up

Sometimes returning to work after a long time can feel quite daunting. There are always new technologies and new, child-free employees to compete with. But cut yourself some slack. Ask for help when you need it and make an effort to be honest with your employer and friendly with your fellow colleagues. If all goes well, they will end up being your biggest supports at work. Being a working mom is a hard job, so remember to cut yourself some slack if you’re having a bad day.