3 Free Websites to Help Spring Clean Your Resume

Resume Tips

When springtime comes around, the last thing you think to clean up is your resume! Making tweaks and improvements to your resume is necessary in making it look enticing for prospective employers. As a professional in your field, you want your resume to be a true and accurate representation of yourself. Read on for three free websites to help perfect your resume.

Spelling Mistakes and Grammar

Grammarly is a great website to use for checking whether your resume has any misuse of grammar or any typos in general. All you have to do is copy your resume into Grammarly, which it will then scan to find any mistakes and areas for revision. You can then edit your resume with the suggested corrections provided.

Fill your Resume with Industry Keywords

Resunate is an excellent website to use when responding to a job advertisement with your resume. Companies identify attributes and traits in their job descriptions they advertise. To make sure you’re addressing these specifications, simply copy and paste your resume into Resunate and it will provide you with a score based on how well you match what the employer is looking for. Then you can edit, remove or add information to your resume to boost your score and chances of securing the job.

Using LinkedIn Profile Data

Re.vu is a perfect website for you to create an interactive and visual resume with your LinkedIn Profile information. Re.vu can turn all your LinkedIn data such as your years of work, number of sales made, money saved for company and performance metrics into graphs, making it super easy of the viewer’s eye. It’s great at presenting certain aspects of your resume with widgets, themes and personalized settings.

Do you use any free websites to improve the look of your resume?