3 super easy side job ideas for moms


If you’re a stay-at-home mom looking to make a bit of extra cash on top of your partner’s income – look no further! Check out these side job ideas for some inspiration on some great easy ways to make money.

Mystery shopping

If you love shopping, why not make some bucks out of it? Sometimes you even get free meals if you are mystery shopping at a restaurant or fast food chain. To be a mystery shopper, you’ll also need to be able to fill out surveys efficiently, and be prepared to give honest feedback on your shopping experience.

Reviewing websites

If you’ve got an eye for good SEO and know what makes Internet users tick, you could be qualified to review websites. Noticing the flaws in a website could just be your new niche, should you choose to become a website reviewer. You’ll need to know how to summarize the usability of a site and recommend any possible improvements. You’ll also need a microphone, be in a certain target demographic for the website you’re reviewing, and be able to speak clearly and concisely.

Writing for a content mill site

If you fancy yourself a decent writer and want to break into freelance writing, consider writing for a content mill site. These types of websites enlist authors to write compelling copy for various clients. If you become an author on enough of these sites, you could earn a pretty decent income. The types of jobs you’ll be required to write for vary from client to client – but the more you write, the more skilled you’ll become!

What easy side job ideas do you have?