Top 5 Ways to Have Fun on a Tight Budget

Top 5 Ways to Have Fun on a Tight Budget

When you’re trying to be frugal, getting out of the house and spending money on entertainment can be tricky. There always seems to be an exciting new movie on at the cinemas or a theme park that the kids are dying to visit. But one of the best lessons you can teach your children is to be happy with less – or even make their own fun. Pinching pennies doesn’t have to be boring.

Here are some great ideas to think about the next time the kids are nagging to go out and spend some cash.

School functions

Your child’s local school is more than just an educational facility. Schools often hold fairs to raise money to support the children and their learning facilities. These usually have great food, crafts, music and cheap, student-run games that your kids will love. You’ll enjoy seeing your children have some good old fashioned fun and supporting your local school at the same time. Schools also hold seasonal events like plays and musicals, which make for a fantastic night out for the whole family.

Budget theaters

If you’re lucky enough to have a budget theater near you, utilize it! These theaters are great value for money, and usually only cost around $4 per ticket. They don’t usually show first-run films straight away – they take a few weeks to bring out the latest films. If you don’t mind waiting, you’ll save on price. But if you don’t have a budget theatre near you, check your local cinema to see if they offer a mid-week deal to boost ticket sales – Tuesdays and Wednesdays are your best bets.

University performing arts centres

Much like local schools, universities often hold theatre productions, musicals and recitals at a fraction of the price of what you’d pay for a big city production – and they’re just as good. Plus, it feels great to be able to support local education institutions and their students.

Local events

When looking around for deals on entertainment, don’t forget to look for small events and entertainment options in your own town! You might live near some great entertainment avenues and not even realize it. Nature reserves, art galleries and museums are some of the best places to look for deals first – they often hold cheap or free programs for kids and adults alike.

Your own home

Never underestimate the fun to be had in your own home! If you’re cooking for a small crowd, organise a potluck instead, where everyone brings one dish to share – these make dinner parties a whole lot easier and cheaper. Have fun with family and friends by making use of a few old board games or cards.