The secret to Sweepstakes – the winning formula!

Winning sweepstakes


Did you know that luck is a small factor in winning a sweepstake? If you really want to know how to win sweepstakes consistently – read on!

Be Patient

It can take weeks or even months before you find out if you have won a sweepstake. By understanding that time is a normal part of the process of the sweepstake game, you will learn to be patient and ensure the fun and exciting factor of sweepstake competitions remain alive! That exciting verve will keep you in the sweepstake game long enough to see the prizes rolling in!

Be Persistent

We have all heard the old adage – You need to be in it, to win it! But how many people heed this simple truth? The more sweepstakes you enter, the more chance you have of winning! Be persistent in your efforts to enter sweepstakes. Set aside time every day (even just 30 mins) to enter as many sweepstakes as you can and by way of simple maths you are increasing your chances of winning compared to the average person! It’s simple and it works. Staying persistent in your efforts and entries will have you winning more prizes more often!

Be Positive

Being positive might sound like a bunch of new age speak – the reality is – IT WORKS! The law of attraction is a Universal Law that attributes all experiences and all things that come into your life to the magnetic power of your thoughts! At this moment, you might feel sceptical about this idea, however, we say to you – TRIAL thinking positively about every sweepstake entry from this time forward and just see what happens – you literally have nothing to lose! Envision yourself winning the prize, think about the experience of using that product or being on that holiday – it feels good to daydream, doesn’t it? Use the power of your imagination and have fun doing it! Having a positive attitude about your sweepstake entries will increase the chance of you winning more prizes!