Why Wegmans is Now Number 1

5 Star Saver Why Wegmans is now number 1

Have you visited Wegmans lately? If not, you’ve got good reason to. It’s just been crowned top grocery chain in America in a survey. That’s right – it even beat Trader Joe’s!

Wegmans is a 100-year-old grocery chain that only has stores in six states across the East Coast. So how did it beat Trader Joe’s, Publix, Walmart, Safeway, Kroger and Costco?

Turns out the allure of Wegmans comes down to a variety of factors.

Why Wegmans is the best

First of all, the employees are happy. It ranked 4th on the 2016 Best Companies to Work For list, which is the highest spot for a retailer. And we all know that happy, helpful employees are conducive to a great shopping experience.

In the survey, Wegmans also took the lead in cleanliness and specialty department service alongside Publix. And I can certainly vouch for that. Wegmans is a beautifully-maintained store with a huge array of gourmet facilities, and – depending which store location you’re in – you might find a bakery, deli, butcher, caterer, cheese shop, sushi counter, cafe, florist, pharmacy, French patisserie, pizzeria, restaurant, take-out food, home goods store and – of course – groceries. No wonder everyone loves shopping there!

The generic store brand at Wegmans is also usually cheaper than the other options in store (of which there are many) – and of just as high quality.

It’s got a few other handy bonuses, too. Wegmans has a shopping list app to make your weekly trip to the grocery store that much easier. Plus, when you are in store, take the kids – they have a whole heap of different shopping carts that will make shopping fun.

Need I say more? Give Wegmans a try next time you need to stock up on groceries!