Old Navy – fun facts about your favourite clothing store

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Old Navy – your favourite clothing store or a bar in Paris?

Both! Yes, it is true – Old Navy was named after a bar in Paris!

The birth of Old Navy

Born from a Gap Warehouse store, the directors decided it was a good idea create a new identity separate from Gap, thus the creation of the first Old Navy Clothing Co. store which opened in 1994.

That warehouse vibe

Did you know that Old Navy store were created to replicate a grocery store design and feel? Just think about the cement floors, metal shelves, aisles and shopping carts!

Family values and value!

Old Navy is a place where every family member is invited. Old Navy makes American fashion essentials accessible for every family! Old Navy pride themselves on being – fun, fabulous and affordable!

Success! The Old Navy Revolution

In just 3 short years the Old Navy brand became the first ever retailer to reach $1 billion in annual sales in such a short time frame.

How many did you say?

There are over 1000 Old Navy stores across the US, Canada, Puerto Rico & Japan.

Have you shopped at Old Navy recently?

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