McDonald’s Menu Items that Kids LOVE

I don’t know about you, but my kids can be notoriously picky – yes, even when it comes to fast food! So you can imagine that waiting for my kids to decide what they want while we’re in the middle of a busy McDonald’s Drive Thru doesn’t always end well.

What you should know is that there are items on the McDonald’s menu that kids are usually always satisfied with – whether they are starving or just a little peckish. Here are our top picks.


A small fries is always a no-brainer when it comes to feeding hungry kids. If you’re pulling your hair out wondering what your kids will actually eat, fries are your best bet. What fussy kid can resist a bag of hot fries?


The humble cheeseburger is a staple of the McDonald’s menu, and it is one of my go-to suggestions for when the kids say they “aren’t that hungry” (yet 20 minutes down the road that this doesn’t turn out to be true). Take care of future hunger-pangs by making sure kids get some protein by having a cheeseburger.

Chicken McNuggets

For kids that don’t like cheeseburgers (trust me, it happens), a four-piece packet of chicken McNuggets usually does the trick. It gets a little more food in their tummies than just fries and eliminates the whinge factor.

Happy Meal

Happy Meals should be your number one option if you want a no-nonsense option for feeding kids and keeping them entertained (Happy Meals always come with a free toy). For fussy kids, you can customise what goes into the Happy Meals and choose what drink comes with it too.

Small value meal

For older kids, a small value meal is essentially the same as a Happy Meal (fries, drink and a burger or nuggets); it just doesn’t come with a toy or the Happy Meal box. This will suit kids who feel like they have grown out of Happy Meals or are “too cool”. Just make sure to establish beforehand that they can’t get jealous when a younger sibling gets a toy with their Happy Meal.

Soft serve

A soft serve cone is the ultimate easy dessert option. If you feel like giving the kids a treat during after-school pick-up, surprise them with a soft serve. It’s sure to go down well!

Chocolate milk

To cure thirsty kids without resorting to buying a soft drink, ask your server at McDonald’s for chocolate milk. This will also help to keep hunger pangs at bay for longer, because it has more protein than a soft drink or orange juice.

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What McDonald’s menu items always do the trick for your kids? I’d love to know – write a comment below!