How Kroger became King of Organic Food


I don’t normally think of Kroger as a wholefood store.

But industry experts say that within the next two years the supermarket giant will pass well-loved retailer Whole Foods Market as the top seller of organic and natural foods in America. Who knew?

Right now, Natural Foods are in abundance at Kroger. You can choose some great products from their Simple Truth® and Simple Truth Organic® foods ranges. Find out more about ingredients, nutrition information and read customer reviews at the website

The other great thing to note is that if you’ve ever shopped at Kroger you will know that they are serious about their customer service. One of my girlfriends can’t face shopping at Walmart and is a total Kroger convert.

“You just get better service there,” says Julie, who’s a stay-at-home mom in Morgantown, West Virginia. “I visit my local store sometimes three times a week. The staff are all friendly and willing to help in whatever way they can. And the managers are very good. It just makes such a difference.”

But it’s not only happy helpful staff that are moving Kroger up the retail ladder in the healthy food area. Kroger, which has over 2000 locations, is also increasing its range of specialty and healthy, organic food options, which in turn attracts a higher paying customer. Kroger now has its sights set on shoppers in the Baltimore and Washington DC areas.

And that has a lot of Moms excited.

“I love shopping at Wegmans,” says Jessica, a mom of five from Capitol Heights. “But I am super excited to hear that Kroger is coming to town. That should make things a bit more competitive on the range and price of goods. I will definitely be paying a visit to the store when it opens.”

If you love organic, wholefoods, foods for special diets such as allergy or intolerance, or just prefer eating food in its natural form, you should take a look at Kroger. And see how things are changing.

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