8 Publix Shopping Secrets

5 Star Saver Publix shopping secrets

Everyone already knows how much we love Publix at 5 Star Saver. But we haven’t yet indulged you in the best-kept shopping secrets to use at Publix. Curious? Read on…

1. Publix have a “no questions asked” return policy

No receipt? No problem. If you need to return an item, Publix have a handy policy where you don’t need a receipt to return any item – yes, even including perishables like meat! This can come in really handy if you’ve lost or thrown away your receipt.

2. Publix have a mobile app

Publix have a really cool app that you can install on your smartphone for making grocery lists, checking out recipes and using coupons. The bonus? Unlike many other companies, the Publix mobile app doesn’t track your purchases and data for advertising companies.

3. Publix give free subs to good employees

Many Publix stores will give “free sub” coupons to employees if you compliment an employee on their good work in front of a manager. I don’t know about you, but I think this is a great way to boost staff morale and keep the shopping experience as friendly as possible.

4. Publix brand items are made by leading brands

This shopping secret is my personal favorite. The brand products at Publix are manufactured by leading national brands, not by Publix themselves. That means, when you are purchasing a store brand item, it has really been made by a popular national brand. There’s no way to tell which products are made by what brand, but I think this is pretty awesome.

5. Publix accept competitors’ coupons

If you’ve got coupons for Kroger, Target, Kmart, IGA, Costco, Whole Foods and a whole lot more – depending on the region – Publix will accept these coupons as if they were their own. Check with your local store to see which coupons they accept.

6. Publix participates in a college fund cashback program

If you’re a mom who wants to start saving now for your kids to go to college, Publix has a cashback program to get you started. If you join the UPromise program, you can earn small amounts of money back when you buy groceries or shop with Publix online.

7. Publix will cut up meat for you

When you purchase meat at the store, you can get the butchers at the meat counter to cut it up. That’s right, no need to handle slimy chicken at home – Publix can do it for you!

8. Publix will stock something for you on request

Ask and you shall receive! If your local Publix store stops stocking an item, you can ask them to start stocking it again. They will take your name, phone number and the product information and get in touch when the item you requested has been ordered into the store. Now that’s service!