3 Reasons I love Costco

3 reasons i love costco

Costco is a membership warehouse club with humungous buying power that means that each member gets super great prices whenever they shop.
Costco has been around for 40 years and there are lots of things that people love about shopping at this mega warehouse.

Costco Membership

But first up, you have to join. Right now, it’s just $55 annual membership fee to become part of the Costco family and earn the right to shop this bargain-priced bulk store.
Here are a few of the reasons I love Costco.

Costco Returns

Sometimes things just don’t work out with what we’ve purchased. Costco gets this. They have an amazing returns policy. Simply return the unwanted item – and original packaging if you have it (but no biggie if you don’t) – back to the warehouse. You don’t even need your original receipt (although things do go smoother and faster if you do have it). Obviously there are some conditions on things like electricals and alcohol, but on the whole, the returns policy is pretty great.

The Costco Food Court

Costco is that big and that awesome that many have their own food courts right inside the store (or sometimes just outside it). Costco food is all about comfort eating. You can expect Caesar salad and churros at most stores but the thing they do really well – and really cheap – is pizza. Did you know that Costco pizza is one of the biggest pizza chains in the USA? And if you’ve never tried one of their hotdogs, you’re missing out… They also do a great brisket sandwich…

Double Seat Shopping Carts at Costco

Shopping with kids can be hell, but not at Costco. Here they offer frazzled moms the luxury of double seat shopping carts so you can strap two kids in at the same time (and no one is stuck in the cart getting bulk packs of crackers piled up over them). And if you’re kids are real angels while you’re shopping, you can always reward them with a super cheap sundae for just $1.65.