How to Organize Your Small Front Entry Closet


The front entry closet in any home is often a goldmine for overflowing shoes, coats, umbrellas and hats… You name it. It’s hard to maintain any semblance of organization when there’s simply not enough room. Here’s how to organize your small front entry closet so you have enough room to fit everything: and more!

Step 1: Problems

First things first – sort out what your main problems are! Organize your small front entry closet with these in mind. The usual suspects are:

• Too many coats – they don’t fit on the rack

• Shoes piling up

• Hats and accessories aren’t easily accessible

Sound familiar? I know that all the kid’s shoes somehow end up all jumbled up and sprawled everywhere… Not the best situation when they’re getting ready for pre-school or school! Here’s how to remedy the mess in your small front entry closet.

Step 2: Wall Space… Use It Wisely!

You may think you are, but you’re probably not taking advantage of your valuable hanging space. You’ve got the racks chock-a-block, no doubt, but take a second to have a look at your valuable blank walls. Utilizing this space is easy.

Stick four or five adhesive hooks (as many as you can fit) half way down the wall for your children’s coats – they do have smaller coats after all! Plus, this will encourage the kids to hang their own coats up at night. This frees up space for the big coats on the rack.

Step 3: Organize The Shoes

Shoes are some of the hardest things to organize properly. In my experience, they usually end up sprawled all over the floor. An easy way to remedy this: Keep each person’s shoes in their own small storage bin! The kids will love having their own personal space to put their shoes.

Step 4: Use A Shoe Holder for Accessories

An over-the-door shoe organizer is a cheap, ingenious way to store loose accessories. Hats, beanies, scarves, gloves and earmuffs can all be stored easily in each shoe ‘pocket’. Use the bottom pockets for kids accessories – so they can get them out (and store them away!). I reserve the top pockets for hubby’s and my accessories.
In summer, change out the winter accessories and use the shoe organizer to store sunhats, small umbrellas, rain ponchos and flip-flops.

How do you organize your small front entry closet? Comment with your ideas below!