Simple Money Saving Hacks that REALLY Work!

Money Saving Hacks that REALLY Work!

Are you a serial spender? If you can’t get out the addictive habit of spending money, try these easy hacks out for size to stay inspired to keep saving.

Track your spending with an app

A great way to see how much you’re really spending on everything is to download a finance app and track your spending there. Finance apps are much more simple and easier to use than a normal budget, so this tip will help you if you can’t figure out where all of your money is going.

Ditch the gym and go online

Instead of paying for an expensive gym membership, hit up YouTube for free workout videos. Aside from saving money, streaming online videos will help to keep you inspired to work out, as the YouTuber works out while you do. It’s like having your own personal trainer in your living room!

Read digital books or go to the library

You know what’s cheaper than buying a book new? Getting a library card and borrowing it for free. Alternatively, you can also read digital books from the library or via a reading app like Goodreads.

Always BYOB

If you’re dining out, always, ALWAYS look for restaurants that are BYOB. This makes it so much cheaper. Plus, you can split the cost on a good bottle of wine with your dining buddies. It’ll still cost less than ordering single drinks at a restaurant.

Make thrifting your hobby

The best way to be more enthusiastic about saving? Make it your hobby; something you look forward to. Instead of shopping online or heading to the shops after work, make shopping at thrift shops and flea markets your go-to when you want something new in your wardrobe. You never know what you might find – there are plenty of pre-loved treasures out there!

Go meatless

A few days every week, try to make your meals without meat. It really cuts down the cost of groceries. Need inspiration? Think omelettes, fried rice, vegetable curries… The options are endless! Check Google out for some quick ideas.