Saving Money at the Grocery Store


If you’re interested in saving money at the grocery store, read on. These super shopping saving tips from a 5 Star Saver mom (who has four kids, two dogs, one cat and one husband) will help you save!

Menu planning

If you don’t already (and I totally recommend you do) now’s the time to start writing a menu plan and shopping list before hitting the store. Start by writing a list of all the meals you find easy and economical to prepare. Give a star rating to those that are super quick and that you know the family love. This is becomes your fail-safe menu plan for meals that work.

Create a shopping list

Sounds simple but you wouldn’t believe how many moms I know that visit the store without a list in their hand. They are the ones who make three or four trips to Walgreens each week because they forgot something for the dinner. Duh! Make a list – take it with you. And stick to it. You’ll not only save time but you will save money by not filling your cart with stuff you do not need!

Best stores to shop

Saving money is also about saving time too – your time is valuable, right? And the time you spend schlepping across town to save a few pennies is time you could be spending with your kids. So let’s get things into perspective here. Deals and coupons – just don’t let them take over your life and lead you away from the things that really matter – your family. So I suggest choosing two to three local stores and doing the bulk of your shopping there. (This will also make your couponing easier to manage.

Don’t shop when hungry

A study from Cornell University in 2013 confirms what I have always long suspected: that shopping on an empty stomach makes for poor choices in the shopping cart. The researchers found that hungry people made more high calorie food choices when shopping than those who had been given a snack just before.

What’s your favorite way for saving money at the grocery store?

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