4 simple ways to save money at Easter


It’s easy to overdo spending at Easter. It’s a special time that involves family, food, festivities and of course, chocolate. But don’t fall into the trap of throwing money away this Easter. Follow my tips for how to save money at Easter – the sweetest holiday of all.

Dressing up for less

Of course we all would love new outfits for church or just visiting family and friends. You can have your fashion cake and eat it too if you know where to shop, and know how to work a clearance sale. Keep in mind that you should buy a dress for yourself that can be worn again at other occasions. Don’t make it too formal that you will not get much wear out of it. Instead, choose something classic and summery that you can accessorize with nice jewellery (that you already own) or dress up with a wrap, jacket or stylish purse.

Homemade Easter for less

In our home, we encourage the children to make their own Easter baskets by decorating plain baskets with Easter themed decorations and a hot glue gun (adult supervision required, of course). We use construction paper to make egg shaped cards for their classmates and attach a single foil wrapped chocolate to each card. Kids do not need to be buying expensive Easter treats for their whole class.

Look for coupons

Easter holiday sales means coupon time, so keep your eyes peeled for special offers on clothing (if you plan to buy a new outfit), food (for entertaining the hordes of family and friends) and sweet treats. Often at this time of year you will find coupons for ham that many people eat as a meal during this holiday, us included.

Love your leftovers

It’s funny that whenever I think of leftovers, I think of ham. There seems to be a never-ending supply of ham in my refrigerator after Easter. Lucky I know recipes for leftover ham and how to make it into several tasty dishes for the following days so it does not go to waste – and my family never complain “not ham again” (well, not that often).
For many, Easter is a time of reflection and being grateful. It’s a time to make sure that we are watching what we waste and ensuring that we live a happy, healthy life – for less.

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