What’s on Netflix this April

What's on Netflix this April

Netflix is such a good deal. I don’t know anyone these days that hasn’t signed up! You get to watch an unlimited number of films and television series across a variety of genres, depending on the price of the plan you’re paying for. And the plans are quite inexpensive too, when you think about the extensive selection of viewing material that there is. From looking at the list Netflix has released for April’s month, here are my top four picks to watch!

All Time Classic

My Girl with baby Macaulay Culkin is classified as a must-see film by a lot of people. It is your typical coming of age story based around a young girl facing many emotional ups and downs as she grows up. It is such bittersweet film to see and I couldn’t recommend it enough!

A Cooking Show

The seventh season of Giada at Home will be available to watch this April on Netflix. This is a great cooking show to watch, as the host Giada De Laurentiis makes all her food look super easy and fun to cook. If you’re a lover of Italian food, you’ll find something to like about this show, as well as those who want to put together some delicious and unique dishes for their friends or family, no matter the occasion.

Inspiring Film

When I saw what’s on offer on Netflix this month, I got especially excited when I saw the film Erin Brockovich. It is a personal favorite of mine, with both the storyline and the actors being really good. The film is biographical and based on the real life story of Erin Brockovich who tenaciously fought Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E).

For the Kids

If you are browsing through the Netflix list for something for the kids to watch, I’d highly suggest the film Minions. But this film isn’t just reserved for the kids. It’s a seriously fun film and was only in the cinemas last year. This film belongs in the Despicable Me family and is a prequel/spinoff to these other great 3D films.

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