Incredible uses for vegetable peels

Incredible uses for vegetable peels

This is one of the thriftiest posts I’ve written in a long time. In it, I talk about what to do with something most of us consider trash (but really has a multitude of uses in the home – and on your body!) I’m talking about fruit and vegetable peels, something home cooks are faced with each day.

Read on to discover some handy tricks on where to use those inedible peels (and remember, organic or spray free are best for use on your skin…)

On your face

Did you know that potato peels can be used under the eyes to relieve puffiness?Simply place the cold peel on your under eye area for 10 minutes.

Who knew that the inside of an avocado skin could be used as a facial moisturizer? Be sure to use the fleshy green part and rub all over your face.

You won’t believe that banana peel with sugar sprinkled on the soft side can be used as an exfoliating scrub for either the face or the body.

In the kitchen

Scrub your potatoes well, and massage the peels with olive oil and all kinds of seasonings that can be baked in a hot oven and turned into delicious and crunchy potato crisps.

Any good home cook knows that the zest from citrus fruits like grapefruit, lime, orange and lemon is great in adding and enhancing the flavor of any dish. Grate the colored layer of the outside of the fruit and make sure it has dried out before storing in a jar for future use. You can even freeze!

Around the house

Did you know that lemon peel can be used to brighten up the inside of your stove top teakettle. Fill the teakettle with water and lemon peels and boil. Leave the water in there for approximately an hour and drain. (Don’t try this with an electric kettle!)

Lemon is also used in a lot of house cleaning products. If you have a greasy mess on your kitchen bench just use salt and the fleshy part of the lemon as a makeshift scrubber!