How to NEVER Pay Full Price


Never pay full price for anything, ever – that’s the motto you should live by. There are loopholes in the way the world works, and if you’re a bargain hunter, you should take advantage of them. Here’s how to never pay full price… Well, almost never.

Sign up to email lists

If you’re a frugal fashion addict, this is your best bet for scoring a discount on clothes. Online beauty retailers will also often have deals like this. There are often incentives for signing up, like a significant discount on your first purchase. Or a free voucher. Also, once you sign up, you’ll often be sent exclusive promotions reserved for email subscribers. To avoid overloading your email inbox, create a filter that will filter these emails to a specific folder rather than your normal inbox. That way you can keep yourself organized.

Follow retailers on social media

Social media is huge for online retailers these days. Especially Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Brands will often hold exclusive competitions and promotions that only the followers of that particular channel will know about. Instagram in particular is a goldmine for easy-to-enter competitions and promotions.

Ask for a lower price

Never underestimate the power of face-to-face speech. With an independent retailer, simply asking whether they can sell something for a lower price will often incentivize them to give you a discount. If it’s a bigger store, they usually won’t change the price just for you, but often employees will let you know about any special offers or deals.

Use coupons

Not sure where to start with coupons? Check out our beginner’s guide to couponing. Using coupons and promo codes can save you big bucks on items. Scour newspapers for traditional coupons, and hit up Google for promo codes for discounts on your favourite websites. You might be surprised what you find!

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