7 Hot Tricks to Score a Hotel Upgrade and Save Money

Hotel Upgrade Tips

Hotel accommodation can be quite expensive, but it some cases it can be budget-friendly. If you’ve scored a hotel upgrade in the past you know it’s possible to have a great hotel experience without having to compromise by forking out a fortune! Below are seven tips to implement to try and get an upgrade in your next hotel stay.

1. Ask for an upgrade

Simply asking for a room upgrade might just get you one. Also, if there are any specifications along the lines of a bigger room or sea view that you would like, you should mention them.

2. Mind your manners

Manners go a long way in general. But being kind and polite will take you a long way in being remembered amongst hotel staff. Think about it like this: if you’re after an upgrade and you’re rude, you will definitely not get one!

3. Become a regular guest

If you are a regular guest, a hotel will be more inclined to treat you better with special perks to keep your loyalty and future business.

4. Mention special occasions

Whether your hotel visit is for a birthday, anniversary, honeymoon or purely business, you should mention this upon check-in. The hotel will cater for your visit and perhaps even treat you to an upgrade.

5. Pick your season

Travelling in the off-season means you will be more than likely to secure a better room, as there is more choice and more availability for the hotel to be flexible.

6. Don’t mention special requests

If you mention special requests in your initial booking, you will be assigned a special room to meet these requests. Upon check-in you won’t be able to ask for an upgrade as this room has been put aside for you.

7. Commit to a short stay

You’d be more likely to score an upgrade whilst on a short visit. Think no more than a couple of days, as the hotel can then bump the cost of the room back up to the normal price after you’ve left.