How to be Frugal at the Drugstore

Frugal Drugstore

The drugstore has some great bargains to begin with, but you can always go the extra mile and save more money with some helpful tips below. Read on to find out how to navigate the drugstore and walk away with cash to spare!

Find Bargains Online Shopping

Literally every drugstore these days has an online version. You can shop online from the comfort of your own home and purchase all the goods that you could in-store. How great is that? The only goods you cannot purchase online is prescription drugs. But other than that, you can pick up your cleaning supplies, vitamins, pain-relief, cosmetics and personal care items without having to step foot inside the drugstore. This comes in handy especially during sales and discount periods throughout the year, where stores run out of their stock quickly. As soon as you see a good deal, you can get onto their online store and put it into your shopping basket and it’s yours straight away!

Sign up to Rewards Programs

Drugstores have some of the best rewards programs out there. I must say I’m a member to a few of them! So, why not sign up to your local or your favorite drugstores’ rewards program? You can save heaps by doing so. By registering as a loyalty member to your drugstore of choice, they will then send you emails advertising good savings and deals.

Collect and Save with Coupons

There are several coupon options to use when shopping at the drugstore to bag that extra bargain. A great website called has plenty of manufacturers coupons. All you need to do is print out the coupons that are of interest to you and take them into the store. Another way for you to save money via couponing is by going into the stores and asking whether they have a store coupon book. Walgreens is a great example to use here, as they have a coupon book filled with some amazing bargains. With these coupons, you can double up and use them during the sale periods.

Good luck bargain hunting at the drugstore!

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