9 easy money-saving tips you must try!

Frugal Tips

Whether you’re newly frugal or a die-hard thrifter, these simple, classic ways to save money will never get old. Here are our best easy money-saving tips.

De-clutter your home

De-clutter your home monthly and sell stuff you don’t really need. Check out our guide to de-cluttering your home so you can jump-start your savings!

Change your cell phone provider

If you aren’t getting the best deal from your current provider, shop around. But first, if you’ve been a loyal customer, give them a call and talk about whether there are any cheaper deals they can give you. If you’re on an older phone but are still paying top dollar, many cell phone providers will agree to charge you less if you give them a call.

Make your own cleaning products

Avoid paying exorbitant amounts of money for harsh chemical cleaners, by making your own with natural ingredients. Cupboard staples like vinegar, essential oils, baking soda and rubbing alcohol make fantastic home cleaners. Search Google for some easy recipes.

Ditch paper towels

Disposable paper towels are a product you are paying to throw out. Instead, use microfiber cloths which are reusable and much more economical.

Use coupons

If you’re not using coupons already, it’s time to get involved! Check out our guide to couponing for beginners.

Cut the cable

It’s not so hard to get rid of cable these days. Use a streaming service, like Netflix, on which you’ll be able to still watch all your favourite shows at a fraction of the price.

Don’t be loyal to brands

Be loyal to low prices, not to brand names. More often than not, you can get the same product at a cheaper price if you simply ditch the brand name.

Make a meal plan

Create a weekly budget and meal plan to get your spending and stops to the grocery store under control. This way, you can plan ahead so you always know what’s on the menu.

Pack your lunch

If you work, packing your lunch instead of buying it at work will save you a fortune – and apply the same rule to your hubby, too.

What money-saving tips do you have for the newly frugal? Comment below with your ideas!