Best Makeup Products to Buy on a Budget at the Drugstore

Budget Makeup Products

I am a makeup junkie! There’s no denying it. There’s not much I love more than having a good shopping spree at the drugstore. They are the perfect destination to pick up some good quality and super inexpensive makeup. I honestly believe the makeup at the drugstore is just as good as the high-end designer brands. Why shouldn’t they be? They’re made from the same ingredients and have the same effect. Yet they’re around half the cost! Below are four places to save money at the drugstore.

Bargain Home Manicure Tips

Splurging on a manicure every now and then is okay. But if you like having your nails done all the time, a cheaper alternative is to pick up your favorite nail varnish at the drugstore and treat yourself to a manicure at home. You’ll be saving some extra cash by picking up some good brand colors that are half the price of expensive versions in the nail salon. Usually the drugstore has some really good manicure kits with several varnishes in the kit, which is a good bargain!

Best Budget Mascara

Drugstore beauty brand Maybelline has some of the best mascaras on the market. And they’re quite reasonably priced too! Seeing as mascaras should only be used for three months at a time, it’s wise too save money on something you’ll just have to replace a few months down the track.

Save on your Lipstick Shade

The array of lipstick shades at the drugstore is amazing! You’ll be sure to find the perfect shade for your complexion amongst one of the many great brands that they sell. The lipsticks at the drugstore are just as good, if not better in some cases than their more expensive counterparts.

Frugal Foundation Options

Foundation is a super important makeup product to get right. You’re putting it all over your face; therefore it must be the correct color, with the correct undertones. The drugstore is a good place to start when looking to purchase a foundation, as they are home to some really well known makeup brands that are also reasonably priced. You’ll find that the quality and formulation of drugstore foundations to be extremely similar to the more expensive brands.

By following the above advice you’ll be able to save money on these makeup items allowing you to splurge on some more expensive products every now and then!

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