Are You Paying Too Much for Everyday Products? I Was.

Paying Too Much

So many everyday products have huge price labels attached, and you might be buying them without even realizing it. Sometimes common sense is chucked out the window when we see a big sticker for something on “sale”, but in reality you could actually be paying too much for everyday products. Here are the top 3 offenders to look out for.

Bottled water

If you’re paying for bottled water, what you’re really paying for is a huge markup on one of the most readily available products in America. We are lucky enough that water is a common resource here, so why are you paying big bucks for something that we can get for free from a tap? If you’re buying bottled water because it’s “cleaner” or filtered, invest in a water filter for your home – it will be worth the saving.

Pre-cut vegetables

Pre-cut vegetables certainly are convenient and might save you some time, but they definitely aren’t saving you money. To get the best price for vegetables, shop your local grocery store or farmer’s market for vegetables that are not already cut up. To do this without losing the convenience factor, set aside a time to cut all the vegetables at once, and then store them in zip lock bags in the fridge.


If you’re hitting up your local coffee shop regularly, you’re again spending money for something you can easily have at home for a fraction of the price. Sure, treat yourself with a cappuccino every once in a while, but it’s best if you don’t make it a daily habit. To break the habit, make your morning cup of coffee at home. If you’re in a hurry and need to go somewhere, invest in a thermos and take it with you.

How do you avoid product markups?

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