8 Ways to Cut Your Food Bills


There are plenty of ways to save money feeding the family. You just need to change how you approach your grocery shopping. Cut food bills and your supermarket spending in half by following the helpful information below.

Before Going to the Store

Check what you already have in the fridge, freezer and pantry so you don’t double up on items that you’ll only end up throwing out.

Go for store brands

Opt for the bargain version of the grocery item. A lower priced brand is just as great as a higher priced brand, except you’re saving dollars from the difference. Stores’ own brands are surprisingly good and very economical.

Plan it!

Have a weekly planner in place and a shopping list to match. Planning out what you are going to eat ensures that you only buy the ingredients required for the meals to be cooked.

Know the store cycle

It’s good to know what times to shop for what food groups. Late at night is when there are heavy discounts for bakery items!

Save with home cooking

Remember that home cooking rather than takeaways in cheaper. Although it’s more time consuming you’re benefiting yourself and your family. And just think that tonight’s dinner could be sandwich fillings for tomorrow’s lunch. A great way to save.

Shop online

If you decide to shop online for food you aren’t sucked into the supermarket and their persuasive tactics urging you to buy buy buy. You aren’t physically in the supermarket aisles, so you’re not distracted from what you actually need to get.

Free delivery

If you opt for online shopping make sure you scan the web for offers to get you free delivery or at least the cheapest delivery options available.

Clip coupons

There’s money to be saved in the art of couponing. You just need to make time to collect and clip. If using newspaper coupons, buy multiple copies of that newspaper and clip. Coupons will state if there is a limit to how many you can use in one transaction which means you can usually buy a few of your favorite items when they are offered.

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