3 Fun Ways to Earn a Living at Home


Chances are you’ve dreamt about the ways you could potentially earn a living while working from the comfort of your own home (who hasn’t!). Working from home can afford you a flexible lifestyle, allowing you to be available for any occasion you please. Here are three simple ways you can earn a living at home.

Used Book Sales

If you have shelf loads of books at home or can find some by scouring around garage sales, you can then sell these books for cash on various websites such as Amazon and eBay. You need to be good with math and be able to make quick decisions on the books. Keeping note on the price you pay for a book and the price you sell it is a must. Be mindful of the hidden fees on websites as they might end up outweighing the profits you endeavor to make. The most important aspect of making money this way is to store the books correctly. They are to be in the condition that your customers are paying for. Also figuring out a shipping plan that suits you is imperative. Perhaps once a week have a shipping day where you can send the books out in one haul and opt for good packaging as to not damage the goods you’re selling.

Freelance Writing

By selling your words you need to have excellent writing skills. As the Internet has expanded at such a rapid pace, there’s plenty or work to be written that vary from writing for a magazine, blog, print or online. If you want to do this as a profession you need to follow these steps: have samples that relate to the market you are approaching so you can sell yourself and your skill set. The tools you are required to have are a computer, Internet access, suitable programs and software for documentation, a good work area, filing system of sales, orders, accounts and a healthy dose of persistence and commitment. The freelance writing business is subjective. It’s out of your control whether someone loves your writing or not. Always produce the best you can, solid copy for your clients.

Hold Classes

If you have a certain skill set or knowledge that you want to share you can teach others classes. People want to learn, and will pay for it! There are many fields of knowledge including cooking, exercise, dancing, yoga etc. If this is an avenue that you feel you can go down you have to make sure your classes have a point of difference when compared with others. Offering educational and fun classes makes it easy for people to sign up and become a returning customer. You need to make sure your planning is up to scratch. People want to know what they are getting for the money that they are paying. It’s like a sales pitch. You need to explain what it is that you are doing and make it enticing for potential customers. Your commitment and scheduling has to be there as these classes last weeks, months and sometimes even longer. You should benchmark your prices against similar businesses but come in a little lower as you want to be competitive, yet be the better option. Word needs to get around about your classes. Target friends, as they tend to go as groups to classes. Also produce fliers and post them in letterboxes, whilst you develop an online presence as well.

Have you ever thought of how you could potentially make a lot of money from home? Comment below and tell me how you’d go about earning money from home – do you have any tips or tricks that have worked for you?

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