Turn Your Passion into a High-Paying Job


It’s a myth that a high-paying job requires a college education. Sure, a lot of them do, but not going to college shouldn’t prevent you from earning a good pay check for your family. Check out these high paying jobs that don’t require a high education.

Love houses? Become a real estate broker

It takes a few years to make top dollar in this job, as you need to have established a large referral network and return business. You need an agent license to get into a real estate firm and for the license you need to take a 60-hour course. Once you’re employed another test can be taken to become an actual broker. It’s a long process with this job, but the payoff could be great.

Starting salary could be around $25,000 but the sky is the limit with some top brokers earning $200,000+

Love working with people? Become a Human Resources Assistant

An Assistant of this kind involves keeping track of information for company’s employees and helping the HR manager in other activities involving company and employee relations. All that is required is a high school diploma. Customer service experience and secretarial skills will boost your chances in securing such a role. Plus there’s room for promotions to move up in the company.

Starting salary for a HR Assistant is around $23,500 but with good career progression you could be earning up to $45,500 with the right employer.

Love reading? Become a Library Technician

To become a Library Technician a high school diploma is necessary. Technicians assist the Librarians with organizing materials, shelving books, ordering new titles and helping patrons with researching using the catalog. No previous experience in a like role is required but necessary computer skills are a must. Contact your local library for potential career opportunities.

Starting salary would be around $20,000 but with experience and expanding your skills on the job, you could earn $45,000+

Being passionate about something is a great help when looking for rewarding, well paying work. Think about the things you love and see if you can figure out a way of incorporating those things into your working life.

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