Creative ways to make money at home


Working from home can be a rich and rewarding career – if you find just the right job. Imagine the comfort and control you will have working for yourself, choosing your hours, fitting in around family commitments. The benefits are many. Two of my favorite ideas for how to make money at home include running a bed and breakfast (or accommodation rental) and selling home grown produce.

Bed and Breakfast

If you have adequate space in your home such as a spare bedroom and bathroom (and hosting people in your home is something you would enjoy) this could be an option to make money from home! It is easy to make money by offering travelers your free space, as guests tend to pay more money for the hospitality that they receive in your home compared to a large, impersonal hotel. If this is an avenue you want to go down, you have to set up your home in a memorable way and make sure your guests are as comfortable as they can be. You should spend a night in the area you’ve set up and see how you feel about it. Is it inviting, is there any inconveniences and discomforts that if you were a paying guest you would not put up with? Food is such as important aspect of a Bed and Breakfast; it’s the second word! You have to make it memorable, with great service provided. You’re offering an experience for guests and are catering for their needs. To get the world around about your new business, putting a sign in the front of your yard is a great start. Spread the word, build a website and make sure you promote your business on sites that specialize in Bed and Breakfasts.

Farmers’ market

If you’re a gardener growing mass quantities of fruits, vegetables, herbs, use those products and your skills to produce an income that way! People opt for farmers’ markets over supermarkets, as the foods are fresher and organic. If you’re going to sell your homegrown produce for others to enjoy, you need to stand out as lots sell their produce. Whether you have rare vegetables and herbs to sell or want to put bundles together of ingredients with a recipe attached, you have to make sure you get customers buying. Before setting up shop at a market, you need to apply and have permission with the market to sell produce. Once this is done your stall needs to be displayed well which in turn impacts your sales greatly. Make sure your pricing is visible with personality flowing through your set up. Some equipment is necessary such as a scale, cash box, boxes and shopping bags for customers to carry the produce.

Would you take the plunge and decide to work for yourself? Comment with any ideas on how you would love to start making money from the comfort of your own home!

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