Crafty Ways to Make Money From Home


Want to turn your passion for craft into a way to make money? It’s easier than you think. If you love arts and crafts and dream of being able to choose your own hours, you should consider a creative career from home. Here are two ideas on how to make money from home.

Arts and Crafts

Homemade and vintage products are all the rage now and the Internet has lots of outlets for such items. If you’re into arts and crafts and know you can make an income from this, sign up to a site such as Etsy. It is one of the fastest growing sites giving artists a chance to sell items at a fair market price. Selling your own goods and treasures on Etsy takes a lot of time and effort. You need to understand what others are selling in order to make sure you stand out and receive business. Spreading the word around by passing out business cards and starting a blog are promotional ways to get the business known. You need to put emphasis on the photographs taken of the items. They need to be eye catching and pleasing to the eye, as this is the only information that a potential buyer can get about the item. The higher amount of items you present to be sold on the site, the higher amount of sales generated.

Alterations and Sewing

If you have great sewing and alteration skills you are able to design and make custom, wedding and special attire clothing, bedding and accessories. You’re automatically in design. How many people do you know that need something altered or sewn? You need the right equipment though, a high quality sewing machine which costs around $2000-$6000. You also need other pieces such as materials that you would specialize in. You need to have above average skill in this area as people are putting their trust in you with their favorite garments. You want to handle them with care and skill. Start with friends and neighbors about spreading the word, by passing business cards around and handing out fliers to fabric stores in your area. The American Sewing Guild is a place where you can stay in touch with others on similar ventures as you!

If you consider yourself the crafty type, why not start up a small business and run it out of home? Do you have a favorite hobby that you would like to turn into a career?

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