3 Fun Careers for Stay-at-Home Moms


If you’ve ever fancied yourself the type who would like to make extra cash from home, but never went to college or aren’t interested in boring jobs, these great ideas will have you well on your way to having some extra money in the bank. You’ll also get a lot of enjoyment out of doing them. Here are three fun careers for stay-at-home moms.


If you’re handy with a camera and have an eye for aesthetics, a foray into photography may just be your calling. While photography itself often requires being out and about, the editing and marketing process can all be done from your computer at home. Becoming a freelance photographer can also afford you a massive amount of flexibility – while you will have to attend shoots, you can pick and choose dates or have the option to say no if a time doesn’t suit you. If you can’t shoot during the week, arrange to only do portrait sessions at night or weddings on the weekend. During the day you can look after the kids and squeeze in some editing and marketing yourself on social media if you have time. All it takes is some word-of-mouth!

Pet sitting

This one is for the animal-lovers – and I know there’s a great many out there! Pet-sitting is a hugely lucrative career as many people will pay top dollar to give their pets one-on-one attention when they go away, instead of locking them in an pet hotel with a lot of other animals that will be craving attention. Make some flyers on Microsoft Word and deliver them to all the mailboxes in your area. You can also offer dog-walking as an additional service. A word of warning: if you aren’t good with animals, don’t bother with this career. Or if you prefer dogs to cats, specify that you only take care of dogs. Make sure that your kids get along with animals before pursuing this career. Plus make sure you have adequate area for the animals to play in – a fence outside is a good idea.


Have you ever worked in a florist’s shop as an assistant, or perhaps as a florist yourself? Or are you simply naturally good with arrangements? Either way, you’ll need to be prepared to get up very early every morning and head to your local flower markets in order to make this career work. There, you’ll need to beat off other florists with a stick to get your best pick of flowers of the day to make your own floral arrangements with. This can be a very rewarding stay-at-home career, as flowers brighten up any room and any spirits who are lucky enough to receive them. Start by selling arrangements by your front door – distribute flyers in your neighborhood, and have the flowers sitting in baskets or buckets out the front of your home with the price clearly displayed. It’s best to make small, simple arrangements so you won’t be charging neighbors a bucketload. You can build your business from there via word-of-mouth. Bonus: adorning your own home with the bunch of the day gives it a lovely, homely touch.

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