The best second hand gifts

The best second hand gifts

When it comes to birthdays and Christmas time, everyone is expecting new shiny presents. As these add up, it can certainly be hard on your wallet and savings account! However, giving second hand items and gifts is a contentious issue. The recipient may feel like you aren’t being generous enough. And I admit, if done incorrectly, second hand gifts can come across as stingy. But if you want to save money and give great presents at the same time, second hand gifts could be the way to go.

Check out my list of the best second hand gifts below.

Classic books

For an avid bookworm, there is nothing better than going to a second hand store and buying classic editions of novels – at a fraction of the price of a new book! The smell and feel of the old pages is an experience that can’t be replaced – especially not by a Kindle! Second hand classic books make a great gift for the young and old.

Vintage accessories

Vintage and retro items are all the rage nowadays. And that means they are open season for gifts! Second hand shops, pawn shops and flea markets always have a great selection of vintage goods, direct from someone’s closet in the 1970’s. If you know someone in your family who loves to get their hands on a vintage item or two, this type of gift should be right up their alley. And the best thing is, it’s vintage – so you have an excuse for it to be second hand!

Pre-loved games

Kids love their game consoles, but there’s no point in buying brand new games if they are only going to get played a few times. And second hand video games are generally just as good as they were new – just make sure there are no scratches on the disc. The same goes for DVDs or Blu Rays.

Board games and puzzles are another great second hand gift for children – just make sure there are no pieces missing!


There’s no reason to go to a specialty home store when there are always a few lovely bargain pieces of tableware ready for the picking at second hand stores. Think wine glasses, serving platters, salad servers, teapots… The list goes on! A tea set makes a great gift for nanna or girlfriends that love brunch. You just have to think outside the box!

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