Thanksgiving for the frugal

Thanksgiving for the frugal

So it turns out you’re hosting Thanksgiving this year. Now time to prepare and deliver the best Thanksgiving meal on a budget ever! Planning is key for you to have a great feast with your loved ones and be wise with your money. It is easy to hit the hip pocket hard with this holiday. But you don’t have to! You can impress your family and friends and be left with cash in the bank!

Below are some simple tips to follow to allow you, your family and your friends to have a great and frugal Thanksgiving.

Recycle your decorations and use what you own

If you already own nice tableware and decorative pieces, there is no need to fall into the trap of purchasing those Thanksgiving themed decorations. You’ll only end up using them once a year. What’s the point? Stick to what you already have and use it. If it’s great for every other day of the year, then it’s perfect for Thanksgiving. If you have beautiful flowers growing in your garden, this is the perfect time to prune some and place into vases and decorate your dinner table nicely.

Don’t try to cook everything yourself

The spirit of Thanksgiving is to say thank you to those in your life that deserve it. Hosting a Thanksgiving dinner doesn’t mean you have to cook everything yourself. Share around the cost with those who are attending the dinner. You should have different people cook and bring different parts of the meal to the Thanksgiving dinner. It will feel more rewarding for everyone involved, playing a part in the nights proceedings. It is their way of contributing and saying thank you. And it helps out your budget too! You’re not responsible for every single part of the night’s menu; therefore you’re not forking out money anywhere and everywhere. The same thing goes for alcohol, which tends to be a necessity in get togethers. Ask someone else to provide the alcohol for the evening. I’m sure they’ll gladly oblige.

Form a shopping list

Once you have sorted the above, devise an ingredients list for the dishes that you are in charge of. With this shopping list, set aside a budget for the items. Remember that you don’t have to buy all of your ingredients at one time or in one place. Certain items may be on sale in certain stores or shops. Do you research and know where and when to shop. Also, compare store catalogues and gauge which pricing is better and for what. With this method you will get your produce for the best price possible.

With the simple tips I have shared above, I hope you have a wonderful and thrifty Thanksgiving!

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