3 great summer vacation projects for kids


Sometimes summer seems never ending – especially when you have a bunch of bored kids in tow! With Part 3 of Summer Vacation Projects for Kids, we’ll give you more inspiration to encourage the kids to get creative this summer.

Create a local kids newspaper

If you’ve got a close-knit neighborhood with kids galore, this one is sure to be a hit. If not, the kids can share copies of their handcrafted ‘zine with their other friends or cousins instead. In a blank art book, get the kids to design colorful pages with paint, crafts or pencils, and have them write stories, poems or simple sentences about their summer. When its done, photocopy the pages and staple them together to make copies for your child’s friends and neighbors.

Raise caterpillars

This one is for kids that love animals, science and nature. Or any child with even a hint of curiosity. They will enjoy the process of keeping the caterpillars safe, with food, and watching them slowly cocoon and eventually transform into butterflies. This is a fantastic learning activity about animals (…and maybe a safer step than buying a puppy?).

Hold a kids jumble sale

Encourage your kids to swap toys they no longer want with other kids around the neighborhood by holding a jumble sale in your yard. Get your kids to make up flyers to put in the mailboxes of their friends around the neighborhood, and invite any other friends or cousins, too. To make sure there’s no tantrums, stress that they won’t be able to get their toys back once they swap – it’s for good. This will make your children think twice about which toys they want to give away.

Check out Part 1 and Part 2 of Summer Vacation Projects for Kids for more ideas of what to do this summer.

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