Summer Vacation Projects for kids – part 2

Harry Potter saved my sanity -

Whatever happened to good old-fashioned fun? It seems every kid and his dog has an iPad these days. Well, fear no more – we’ve got summer ideas for your kids sorted (sans technology). Here’s part 2 of summer vacation projects for kids.

Read Harry Potter

Simple as it may seem, we bet you hadn’t thought of this simple (but effective) idea! Get your kids reading the first Harry Potter novel and they won’t be able to stop. This will keep your kids busy all summer, because there are seven huge books in this series. But don’t worry, they won’t get bored of it once they start – the fantasy elements in this family-favorite are engaging for adults and children alike.

Learn to ride a bike

Have your children been introduced to bike-riding yet? If not, it’s time to start. A set of training wheels will help upon first learning. After a while, you can take the training wheels off and have a few lessons with them, teaching how to keep balance. If they’ve already learnt how to ride a bike, why not introduce them to roller-skating or blading? Remember: Always wear a helmet!

Write and film a movie or play

This is a chance for your kids to really unleash their creativity. Let imaginations run wild and arm the kids with a cheap video camera (or offer to film the movie for them, should they want to be the stars of the show). A great way to do this is set up a ‘theatre’-like area with chairs, while you play director and film the show. That way you can take a seat while still being involved.

What do you do to keep your kids occupied each summer? Check out Part 1 of Summer Vacation Projects for Kids for more inspiration.

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