Summer vacation projects for kids – part 1


It’s hard enough to entertain the little ones if they’re not old enough to go to school yet, but what about the older kids that are bored on holidays? This is a double-whammy for busy moms – do consistent complaints of “I’m bored Mom!” ring in your ears every 5 minutes? These three summer vacation projects for kids will have them out and about and having fun in no time.

Create a wall diary

This is one of the best and most creative ways to keep kids entertained throughout the summer. Get a big sheet of butcher paper and hang it on a large wall in your house. Get your kids to make drawings or paintings of summer activities directly onto the wall or onto a piece of paper that can be stuck on to the butcher paper. They will constantly want to add new drawings!

Sow vegetable seeds

To get the kids active in the garden, create a space that can serve as their own little vegetable patch. Plant vegetable seeds (think radishes or lettuces) and get the kids to take responsibility for weeding, watering and seeing off bugs.

Build a cubby house

I loved when Mom and Dad would let me build cubby houses when I was little (and, honestly, I still love building them now!). Enlist your children to help set up a cubby house made of pillows, sheets and blankets in your home. It can be decorated with lights and plush toy animals.

What creative ideas do you have for summer vacation projects for kids?

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