Advice for selling stuff on Facebook


These days there are so many avenues to go down when you want to sell your stuff! The online world is over flowing with websites allowing you to sell unwanted goods. The prospects of utilizing Facebook, Craigslist and eBay in this fast paced technological world may work wonders for you, or perhaps the trusted garage sale is the way to go.

Each of the four options outlined in the series of articles that follow, specialize in different product areas and have different specifications that require you to be well versed in what you can and cannot sell. By reading up on each of the outlets you can familiarize yourself with them, knowing immediately which is the best for you to sell the stuff you no longer want!

Selling Stuff On Facebook

Selling on Facebook requires you to have a Facebook account for interaction! Setting up an account is a free and easy thing to do. Plus most of us these days already have a Facebook account, don’t we ladies! Facebook have many groups you can like and join, and ultimately participate in. You can find local selling groups – pages that display pictures, information and pricing of products people in the vicinity are selling! If you can’t find a group for you to join in your area, still upload photos onto your own Facebook wall with a little description and price point for your friends to see. If they’re not interested in the potential purchases, they might know someone who will be!

I don’t know about you but when I scroll through my Facebook feed I see a lot of photographs posted by my friends of clothing they no longer want. They’ve posted them onto their Facebook wall to generate interest amongst their friends, which can result in quick sales. It doesn’t matter what it is that you are selling, turn to Facebook for starters and see whether there is any interest there.

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