The secrets to selling stuff on Ebay


eBay is the perfect outlet to use when selling well known brand names that would generate interest amongst potential buyers. Keep in mind that your goods should be in good to excellent condition or be harder to find items. This will result in more competitive bidding – and a great result for the seller. Exactly like Craigslist, it is free to list items. However, you have to pay a commission if/when your item sells. You will also be required to pay to ship your item to the purchaser. eBay is a good choice if you already have a reputation on the site, i.e. purchased items before.

Tips to follow selling stuff on eBay:

Categorization and Promotion

Categorizing your item correctly is crucial. You need to be specific as possible so potential buyers can find your product through the listings with ease. Just like Craigslist, a good description is necessary with the brand name, title and condition mentioned. Photographs are required with no flash, no bright sun or distracting items in the background and taken from various angles. If your item has a flaw or is damaged, make sure you photograph this area too so that the buyer can see what he/she is actually getting.


You need to know the dimensions and requirements you have to work with for shipping. Check the USPS flat rate shipping fee and adhere to that, so it is transparent to potential buyers and they know upfront the shipping conditions. Before you ship your item, wait for the payment, then as soon as payment is made, ship to the customer. eBay have a outlined process where you can pay for shipping and then print a pre-paid label to tape onto the package you are sending.


If potential buyers ask questions, answer them clearly and quickly. This way other potential buyers can see the interaction and understand the further information. Feedback is a nice gesture to get involved in after the transaction is made. If you write a comment on the buyer’s page this will hopefully encourage a return response onto your page. This shows you care about the sale and puts you in good stead for future sales.

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