Rainy Day Ideas to Keep Digital Obsessed Kids Occupied


Kids can get somewhat antsy when presented with a rainy day. A common complaint is that there’s nothing to do… And have they told you yet how bored they are? Remedying the weather situation doesn’t have to be such a chore. I’m not such a big fan of letting the kids just use the iPad to play games when they get bored, so I like to try and help them be creative or make their own fun. Here are some rainy day ideas to try.

Arts and crafts

If possible, an ideal situation would be to set up a dedicated arts and crafts area in your home for your child to express their creativity whenever they feel like, instead of constantly turning to digital games for entertainment. You can stock the area with cheap pencils, markers, paint, paper and coloring books so they always have something to do. Older kids can get extra creative and make art with beads, feathers and other knick-knacks.

Board games

Kids love games, especially when adults want to play with them. Playing a board game with your kids will encourage them to have more fun on a rainy day. With older kids, whip out the classics like Monopoly and Cluedo. Younger kids will love playing visual-based games like Operation. It’s worth noting that many second-hand board games can be bought at thrift stores or flea markets. Or if you have a friend that you know owns board games, you could always invite them and their children over to play a game.


A great way to keep kids through all ages occupied is by reading. Purchase cheap books at discount bookstores, yard sales or thrift stores for your children – or make a trip to the library with children in tow so they can pick out their own books. The trip will get them excited to be out of the house and enthusiastic to be reading books that they picked out themselves. Getting kids to read age-appropriate books will also expand their mind and intellectual capacity, especially if they continue to read as they get older.

… Electronics

When worst comes to worst, there’s always the computer/iPad/TV to keep them occupied. If you can handle letting your kids touch your precious gadgets, a smartphone or laptop never goes astray for playing digital games. They will likely be sucked into doing this for hours. A word of warning, though: don’t let younger children on social media, as there is content online that their mind isn’t yet ready to comprehend, and that they shouldn’t be exposed to. It’s best if they just stick to games.

What ideas do you have for keeping kids occupied on a rainy day?

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