The shame of my Netflix Addiction


I am addicted to Netflix. There. I said it. It all began with a one-month free Netflix trial. That was all it took. I had unlimited access to an incredible range of television shows and movies both new release and classic. All legal. No piracy, no illegal downloads of movies and shows.

Unlimited Netflix TV Shows

When I first logged on to the Netflix site I was literally blown away at the number of television series I had missed the first time around. Tried and tested long running series I just never got around to like 24 and The Sopranos (I know, I know…). And all today’s most talked about series like House of Cards and Peaky Blinders. (And Monster High and the Octonauts for the kids!)

That night when I hopped into bed and saw hubby flicking through the cable channels, I pulled out my laptop and clicked on the Netflix site. “Check this out,” I said. Soon we were on a House of Cards binge, three episodes in and past 1 am we had to call it a night. But we knew we would be back the next night. And the next.

Hubby was so impressed that he went out the next day and bought a Chromecast device so that we could watch the shows on the set in our room. If you need some advice on how to set this up, check out the help page on Netflix

Netflix Movie Watching Rules

We loved our Netflix trial so much we had to set some rules in our house.

  • No more than two TV episodes a night
  • No staying up past midnight
  • TV Series binging must begin in daylight hours

Three months’ later my Netflix addiction is under control. Sort of. I’m still churning through series like a woman possessed. House of Cards done. Peaky Blinders – loved it. Sherlock? All over it. But like wine, I now consume in moderation.

The only problem I have now is what to watch next?

What’s your top tip for a television series to gorge on through Netflix?


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