6 crazy ways to make household items last longer

Make household items last longer

Did you know that you could save a ton of money by stretching the life of some common household items? It mightn’t seem like it would save much money, but it all adds up. Master the art of frugality, and you will have control over your finances in no time. Here are our tips on how to make household items last longer.

Cut sponges in half

You know your kitchen dishwashing sponges? Cut them in half with scissors. This will literally halve the cost you spend on sponges every time you shop. A little spray of vinegar will also help to keep them fresh.

Use an olive oil bottle for dishwashing liquid

Unless you’re extremely careful at rationing your dishwashing liquid when it comes to washing dirty dishes, transfer your dishwashing liquid into an olive oil bottle, which will help you to save money by saving on the amount of product you use. Just make sure you label the bottle in case hubby decides to cook one night!

Break your bananas apart after your shopping trip

Bananas come in a bunch when you buy them. But if you break them apart and allow them to sit apart when you store them, you could double their shelf life, as they won’t bruise as easy.

Don’t touch cheese when you are cutting it

Cheese is prone to mold and bacteria if you touch it with your hands. Instead, increase the life of your cheese (and lessen the germ factor) by cutting it with your hands still over the plastic.

Use nail polish thinner on bottles of nail polish

If you find your old bottles of nail polish too thick to use, add a couple of drops of nail lacquer thinner to the bottle, and voila! Nail polish thinner is well worth the investment if you’re a beauty addict!

Keep pantyhose in the freezer before wearing

It might seem strange, but freezing hosiery for 24 hours prior to wear strengthens the fibers, which will save you money in the long run – it will make your stockings last longer than a couple of wears.

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