5 easy ways to de-clutter your life


You know how it goes: One minute your house seems spotless, with just the right amount of furniture… The next? Well, let’s just say that a few years down the track, if you don’t de-clutter regularly, you’ll have two or more TVs, mismatching couches, and arbitrary household items on the loose. Let’s remedy that: Here’s how to de-clutter your life in five easy steps.

Say bye bye to multiples

You don’t need more than one TV. You don’t need a DVD player – many families have a PlayStation or Xbox, which does the job of a DVD player just fine. You also don’t need a desktop computer if you’re always just hanging out on the laptop. Why have multiples of something that can do the same job?

Don’t use it? Throw it

Sure, we’ve all received gifts that we don’t really like, and never plan on using (unless you count occupying cupboard space as being utilized). Now is the time to throw those gifts out.

Get over it!

For a lot of people, this is the hardest part: Just getting over the sheer loss of ‘stuff’. Try not to feel guilty about throwing away something that someone gave you – if you don’t use it, what’s the point? If you’re having trouble with this step, recruit hubby to go through the stuff with you. Having someone with you as you throw things out helps you to be more logical with what you throw out.

Sell it

One woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure – never has that sentiment been more true than when you decide to throw your junk out. Hold a garage sale and put pricier items up for sale on Craigslist. Receiving payment for your stuff makes the purge feel easier and more exciting. Donate anything you can’t sell to friends or goodwill.

Don’t buy any more stuff

The trick to keeping a clutter-free household lies within the strength of your resolve not to buy stuff you don’t need. When you make an agreement with yourself not to indulge in more clutter, you’ll have more money and a cleaner home. Make a habit of de-cluttering every month. Soon, you’ll find that you don’t have much to de-clutter any more.

Do you have any more tips on how to de-clutter your life? Post them in the comments below!

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