3 of the best Frugal Lessons from Grandma


In part 2 of our frugal lessons from grandma, we delve further into exploring more ways you can use practical old-fashioned skills to save you money.

Bread Making

Bread making is a rewarding skill that has a definite payoff: fresh, homemade bread on your table! And trust me, the scent of fresh bread drifting throughout your house for the rest of the day will make you squeal with delight. Yes, you can buy bread pretty cheaply from the store sometimes – but wouldn’t you rather have a loaf of far superior quality for a lower price? If you’re a gal with a fair amount of time on your hands, the ingredients, your hands and an oven is all you will require. But if you want to make bread often and with minimal elbow grease, it’s worth investing in a bread maker.


My grandma was the queen of food preservation – she canned just about everything from her garden! If you’ve mastered the art of gardening, it’s worth having a go at canning too. Have a look around online on easy tutorials for beginners. You’ll need to get yourself a few tools – but once you do, it’s well worth the investment. And you may just find yourself addicted to harvesting and storing your own food. Homemade canned goods also make great gifts – the savings are endless!

Washing Clothes by Hand

Okay, so this isn’t always the most appealing option when a big machine can quickly wash all of your clothes for you. But stay with me. If your washing machine conks out and you can’t afford to get a new one for a while, save money on the cost of Laundromat visits by washing your clothes with an old-fashioned washing system. Who knows – you may even get used to it. Especially when you know it’s saving you money on your electricity bill! But in general, even if you only wash your delicates by hand, you will be saving money on extra loads and keeping your clothes in better condition. Be sure to skip the dryer and let them dry outside on your clothesline.

What are your old-fashioned tips and tricks for staying frugal?

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