Penny-pinching frugal lessons from Grandma


Times may have changed since your grandmother was young, and since then many of the great life skills of foregone eras have been lost on technology. And that means extra money spent on machines to do our work for us. It also means less time working with our hands, which can be so rewarding. These frugal lessons from grandma are great practical life skills that help to pinch pennies.


Depending on how skilled you are with a needle and thread or a sewing machine, you can mend torn clothes, create decorative items for your home (such as cushions or curtains), or make your own clothing. Consider the savings should you become a master of making your own clothes – its enormous! But even if you aren’t a whip on a sewing machine, mending simple tears in clothing can stretch them much beyond their years.


Growing your own food is a rewarding and frugal pastime, but it does take a little time to get the hang of it. And that’s where your computer comes in. The Internet is a brilliant information resource – and, what’s more, fosters communities of people that share the same passions. Should gardening become one of your frugal hobbies, rather than spending money on expensive gardening magazines, the Internet will answer all of your questions. Check out Pinterest for DIY garden inspiration.


I just love yogurt – I can’t get enough. And if your family consumes a fair amount of yogurt, it definitely adds up on the grocery bill. But there are several ways to make your own – and it tastes better too, as it’s made-by-hand, rather than in a factory! You could use the crockpot method, the cooler method or the oven method. Have a look online to see which method works for you and your budget.

Did you learn any frugal skills from your grandmother? Comment below with your money-saving suggestions!

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